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The assessment from which this numeracy test is derived  is registered with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) and is targeted at assessing English comprehension at an NQF level. The assessment has two components: listening skills, and comprehension skills.

The listening skills component evaluates the ability to recall and understand literal text, and recognise non-literal use of language.

The comprehension component evaluates candidates' ability to identify and understand literal text, identify the main message of a text, infer meaning of vocabulary through context clues, identify information not directly stated, infer meaning through the text.

More Information


This assessment is conducted on a computer and requires a basic degree of cimputer literacy to correctly select the desired asnwer. Candidates are given a short introduction to using a mouse and computer prior to beginning the assessment.


The test has been validated amongst candidates of a similar age and education range within the South African context.


For more information about the literacy assessment please see here. The test our candidates have taken is derived from the Gate 2 Predictor Assessment in the Foundational Learning component.








In the listening comprehension, candidates listen to a dialogue between two speakers of about four minutes long, without the questions being visible. They may listen to the dialogue a second time. They are then asked to recall details about the dialogue, such as those below.

In the reading comprehension, candidates read a text of 300 words before responding to questions such as the one below.

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