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Assessments are conducted by Harambee as part of a two-day process.  


During these two days candidates complete a Concept Formation Test (CFT), undergo interview-readiness training and complete additional assessments for literacy and numeracy. 


All assessments are conducted in a computer laboratory, in a controlled, supervised environment and under time limits.


Candidates do not receive information or training about the assessment content prior to participating in assessments.

Concept Formation

The CFT is a is a non-verbal measure of fluid intelligence. This evaluates a candidate’s ability to grasp and solve novel problems. High scores are likely to indicate an ability to solve more complex problems and lower scores are likely to indicate an ability to solve less complex problems.




Grit Scale

The Grit Scale measures a candidate's inclination to work on difficult tasks until they are finished and whether they show perseverance to achieve long-term goals.


A numeracy test designed to assess candidates' basic competencies in maths. This measures a candidate's ability to apply numerical concepts at standard National Qualifications Framework (NQF) levels.




A literacy test desgined to measure a candidate's grasp of the English language through listening, reading and comprehension, at standard National Qualifications Framework (NQF) levels.



Planning Ability

The Planning Ability Test measures whether candidates think ahead and consider the consequences of their current choices for further actions, or whether they only consider one step at a time.

The Focus Test measures a candidate’s ability to distinguish relevant from irrelevant information in potentially confusing environments. 

Please note that prior to 24 October 2016 candidates completed the following two assessments in place of the Planning Ability and Focus Assessments
Flexibility Scale
Control Scale

The Flexibility Scale measures whether candidates actively consider several approaches to solving a problem or whether they pursue their first idea without thinking about alternatives.

The Control Scale measures whether candidates react systematically and deliberately to new, challenging problems, or whether they react impulsively and erratically.


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