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The assessment from which this numeracy test is derived is registered with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) and is targeted at assessing numerical knowledge at an NQF level.

The assessment evaluates candidates' ability to compare different types of numbers, to work with fractions, ratios, money, percentages and units, and to perform calculations with time and area.



Below are typical questions from this numeracy assessment. Candidates must select the one correct answer from the options given.

More Information


The numeracy assessment score is the weighted average score of two separate assessments. This weighted average score assigns more weight to the assessment that provides more information about candidates' numeracy skills. The assessments are taken from the Gate 2 Predictor Assessment in the Foundational Learning Component. Learn more about the numeracy assessments here.


These assessments are conducted on a computer. Candidates are given a short introduction to using a mouse and computer prior to beginning the assessments.


The assessments were developed for candidates of a similar age and education range in the South African context.

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